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How to play Green Archer 3

Description: The Green Archer is busy attending a herd of flocks. The first part of the game is subtitled as the Chicken Rampage. You are expected to hit all the chicken trying to get at you. Shoot them with your arrows. Some chickens can be killed with a single shot while others have to be hit twice over. Aim your bow with the use of the mouse. Drag the mouse to add power to your shot. To launch an arrow, simply release the left mouse button. At the end of the game, your accuracy rate, long shot, and lethality rates will show up. All of those will add up to your total score. Clear the first level to open up the next one. There are 12 exciting levels in the Chicken Rampage showdown with the Green Archer. Never let a chicken come near you or you'll lose health points. Lose your health and the game will be over.

Controls: Aim with arrows and shoot with spacebar.

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Play a game off Bow Shooting

Bow Shooting

Brush up on your bow shooting skills with this game and see if you are qualified to be the king's main knight. You've got both practice targets and real shots to make in this game in order to breeze through its multiple levels. Reach your goal before the time runs out.

Play a game off Hit the Jackpot 3

Hit the Jackpot 3

This is an Olympic-like bow and arrow shooting game and your goal, of course, is to hit the bull's eye. The odds can be against you in this game. Check the wind's direction and try to shoot as straight as you possibly can. Clear the rounds by getting a high score.

Play a game off Golden Arrow 3

Golden Arrow 3

Play this game if you're an expert with the bow and arrow. Be the master of your shots and take the force of the wind at stride. Look through the reticule and aim for the bull's eye. There's a practice stage for all beginners. If you consider yourself as an expert, head straight for the tournament rounds.

Play a game off Bowman


Bowman is a simple bow and arrow game where you need to hit the bull's eye in every stage. Breeze through the different cities of Russia. Launch the shots as fast and as accurately as possible. Check out the wind and tiredness meter. Every second counts. Don't wait for the last minute to make the shot.

Play a game off Green Archer 3

Green Archer 3

Start a good game of bow and arrow with Green Archer 3. You'll be battling it out for twelve exciting levels. Your target: chickens. The chickens are on the move and hitting them is going to be a big challenge. Aim your shots well and don't let the chickens get near you.

Play a game off Medieval Archer

Medieval Archer

Aim for the bull's eye and make sure that you hit your target precisely. Remember that your shot may be influenced by the wind, gravity, and the power of your shot. Familiarize yourself with the arch of the arrow and the speed required to reach your target. Watch the timer and shoot before the seconds run out.

Play a game off Hunter Trainer

Hunter Trainer

Hit the apples, balloons, or fish with your arrows. This game is composed of three stages and each stage is further divided into different levels. You have to clear the first stage for the next two to open up. Your goal is to use as few arrows as you can to clear all the target items.

Play a game off Blue Archer

Blue Archer

There are eight levels in this game and you've got to show the world how a good an archer you are with every stage. There will be a lot of items to shoot in every round. Hit as many of them as possible. Each target is worth a certain number of points.

Play a game off Elements And Magic

Elements And Magic

Explore the ancient world of spells, elements, and magic. Defend your castle from the evil Orcs with the use of powerful elements. Equip your troops with a wealth of capabilities coming from the strength of fire, wind, and thunder. Position your army on key areas of the map. Keep the Orcs away from the castle.

Play a game off Twelve Towers

Twelve Towers

Defend your tower by killing all the enemies and the monsters that are trying to take it down. Armed with your powerful bow and arrow, be sure that you hit the monsters accurately so you don't have to worry about any damages to the tower. You are also allowed to cast spells to improve the strength of your shots.

Play a game off Pink Archer

Pink Archer

Challenge yourself to 14 exciting arrow shooting levels. As the Pink Archer, your job is to hit as many items in the game screen as you can. Every object is worth a certain number of points. There's a minimum score set in every round. Reach it and you'll open up the next levels.

Play a game off Gelert Improved

Gelert Improved

Gelert is the target shooting game that can put you at your wit's end. You have ten shots and each will be scored accordingly. Hit a high score with every release of the arrow. Shoot as close to the center as you possibly can. You'll be scored for the number of points you made and for the distance of your shots to the center.

Play a game off Ben 10 Long Bow

Ben 10 Long Bow

Ben 10, the fierce, talented, and brave teenage hero is ready to be a master of his bow. Try both the practice and tournament modes. In the practice mode, you have unlimited time and arrows. Hone your target shooting skills then enter the tournament mode. Use your five arrows to achieve the highest possible score.

Play a game off Battle Panic

Battle Panic

Battle Panic is a medieval game where you have to gather wood, gold, and other resources to build up a nation with a strong array of army. Kill all the enemies trying to invade your town. Reach your goals in every level so you can open up the advanced stages and eras of the game.

Play a game off Green Archer 2

Green Archer 2

Brush up on your bow and arrow skills in this target shooting game. You only have to hit your targets and hit the bull's eye. Every object you hit corresponds to a certain number of points. Check the help guide at the start of the game to know which items are worth more.

Play a game off B.C. Bow Contest

B.C. Bow Contest

Get ready for a simple bow and arrow contest. You'll be up against another player in this game, which can either be the computer or another human player. The two of you will be battling it out, with the person getting the most bull's eye hit declared as the winner.

Play a game off Medieval Archer 3

Medieval Archer 3

Medieval Archer 3 challenges your bow and arrow shooting expertise once again and even takes it to a higher level. You are going to work on moving targets now. Aim your shots well and hit the enemy soldiers heading for you. Clear every level by killing all of them. Complete a level, to open up the next one.

Play a game off Strong Bow

Strong Bow

Defend your kingdom from the Orcs. A whole army of them is trying to take the castle down. The fate of the whole nation is upon your hands. Make sure that everybody is ready for the fight. Be very accurate with your bow. Make those shots fast as enemies tend to arrive in hordes.

Play a game off Mustache Warrior

Mustache Warrior

Take down as many flying beasts as you possibly can with your trusted bow and arrow. You only got 120 seconds to complete each level. The more points you make, the faster the game speed will be. Make some headshots for extra points. You've got an unlimited number of arrows in this game.

Play a game off Medieval Archer 2

Medieval Archer 2

Aim your bow straight and square on your target. However, note that your shots may be influenced by a lot of factors: the direction of the wind, the speed of the arrow, and the gravity in effect. The closer you are to the bull's eye, the higher your score is going to be.

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